Chinese Communist party officials aid tibetans

Quite a few Communist Party officials in the Tibet Autonomous Region, normally there to dominate the area and safeguard the interests of the party and keep an eye on separatists, have in fact aided the Tibetan movement by keeping the Tibetans apprised of China’s intelligence matters. Even some civil servants have assisted the Tibetan independence group.  China News Service states that “their activities harm the national interests”. This bit of encouraging news was revealed in the New York Times of January 29, 2015 by Edward Wong.

Now with China severely restricting internet use, business and academia are stifled.  Even Western texts that are translated and taught in schools and universities have to reflect the party’s views and, to at all costs avoid mentioning Western values.   These directions have already caused Chinese people great harm and with the slowing down of the economy, is taking the country to lag even further.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of the  end of this evil ruling clique.

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