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POTUS Obama to appear publicly with HH The Dalai Lama

As we stated in CONCERNS ABOUT CHINA, our aim is not to demonize the ordinary people of China but solely to reveal the evil machinations of the ruling Communist regime which has held its citizenry in its totalitarian grip for the past ninety years now and hopefully if all of us in whatever way we can publicize its shortcomings and enlighten people everywhere including its own citizenry to reform and if need be, overthrow it, then we would have done a service to one and all.

Some analysts predict that the future does not look good for China. Coupled with internal dissent, an enlightened populace in addition to the unbridled need for natural resources including oil, minerals, commodities and last but not least water, China will engage in aggression one way or the other. With all its designs and belligerent behaviour in the South China seas, China will attempt to avoid conflict there, as some of those countries are aligned with the U.S. and Vietnam proved to be an adversary that China does not wish to engage again as discovered in the failed invasion of 1979.

It is more than likely that China will undertake such a venture in the border areas of India. Some Indians feel that India represents a soft target for China and Indian commentators and a former Indian defense minister himself indicated the threat of an attack sometime in the future. With appeasement being India’s forte’, and as news items recently revealed the breaking of the border wall on the Indian side by Chinese soldiers in the Tawang area, India looks like the more favored venue for an incursion by China. With India having a world despised adversary in Pakistan to its west and China to the north and east, it is not difficult to visualize China in collusion with its indebted proxy, Pakistan, posing a grave threat and it remains to be seen if India can redeem itself from the fiasco of China’s 1962 invasion, were a clash to occur again. India’s political establishment does not look like it could muster the will to withstand an aggression much to the distress of its military who might again be left in the lurch.

China recently unveiled its new stealth fighter aircraft and it was deliberately unveiled during the visit of Defense Secretary Robert Gates to China in January much to the discomfort of the Americans, to showcase the prowess of China’s People’s Liberation Army who seem to be more involved in China’s external affairs now while being hostile to the U.S. The Chinese stealth fighter aircraft, the Chengdu J-20 was undoubtedly assembled with the purloined remains of the crashed U.S. stealth fighter in Serbia during the Nato led bombing campaign against the Serbs in the 1990’s. Serbia, promptly handed over the parts to Chinese intelligence agents and though there are denials, it is more than likely that China had access to the crashed U.S. stealth helicopter from Bin Laden’s compound in Abbotabad. In the past, China was accused by Russia of having copied the designs of its jet fighter engines too.

China has repeatedly warned the US. to stay out of the disputed territorial waters of the South China seas and just last month ,China forcefully warned its neighbors to stop considering exploration of regions rich in natural resources there in contravention of international maritime law. There have already been incidents in the high seas between China and the countries of Vietnam and the Philippines which prompted the U.S. Senate to express its disapproval of China. The Obama administration’s initial strategy of cooperating with China having failed it now looks to bolster the efforts of China’s contending neighbors to stand up to China.

It is time for the countries of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines and India to come together and provide a bulwark against the rising and forceful specter of a powerful China. As signs emerge of hardened Chinese policies, the rest of the world, especially the U.S. being the leader of the free world, should awaken to the growing danger posed by this evil, ruthless regime.

To its misfortune, the U.S. tends to get rude surprises inflicted upon it by way of sudden, unexpected attacks like the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the recent 9/11 attacks because it failed to heed the initial warnings and then does it gear up to remedy the horrendous damage and pursues and destroys the aggressors but at fantastic costs in terms of money and blood. To be forewarned and then not being blind to it should be the wiser policy.

In the case of China, if nothing is done now, we are in for dangerous times with a ruthless and growing powerful adversary. There was an article in a leading Chinese English language newspaper, China Daily, titled Different kind of exceptionalism, by the Director-General of the Policy Planning Department of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs last month whereby he claimed that during the past 60 years of the People’s Republic of China, there were no civil wars, no invasion or aggression outside its borders and no crisis caused by China and its rulers. It so bewildered and flabbergasted readers who came across it that such statements could actually emanate. In response, there was such an outpouring of critical remarks in the comments section of that paper by individual readers, including our strong one too, where point by point it was refuted with clear cut instances of history that the paper discontinued publishing any more of those comments including our’s. We even addressed a letter to the author revealing example after example throughout history and with indisputable facts but have not received any acknowledgment whatsover from him or their ministry.

In matters of natural disasters, it has been shown time and again that it is only the U.S. with its wide reach through its military facilities, that rushes in to the rescue be it the massive earthquake in Haiti, the 2004 tsunami which devastated Indonesia and the recent earthquake and tsunami that affected Japan and the nuclear reactor’s explosion there. The inhabitants of that area openly expressed their appreciation of the magnanimous assistance provided by the U.S. navy and the selfless deeds of their personnel just as the Indonesians expressed their goodwill in 2004. No other nation came to the timely aid of these people and without expecting anything in return. It was only the ships, helicopters and aircraft bearing the insignia of the U.S. that was visible in the rescue efforts. Similarly, in the event of an armed conflict everyone will turn to the U.S. and it is our aim to enlighten and caution people not just in those neighboring countries of China but to awaken the Chinese people too to the tragedy facing them and hopefully rescue them too.

We shall post significant developments as they break, and hope that viewers and readers are cognizant of the fast approaching threat and that they pressure their respective legislatures and their elected representatives not to succumb to special interests groups and others with hidden agendas but to safeguard national interests and national security.

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