Mission Statement

The purpose of this project is not directed against the people of China and it is also not meant to demonize its populace. It is intended to draw the attention of people everywhere to the malevolent ways of the regime, and to enlighten readers to the evils of the communist party of China also known as the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). For ninety years now, the CCP of China has had its society (now numbering 1.2 billion) under its iron grip. If not taken note of and acted upon, its aggressive designs will surely invite catastrophic consequences down the road.

Over the past thirty years, China has transformed itself miraculously from a desperately backward society to the second greatest economic power today, and soon to be a military super power. Any confrontation regarding concerns about China and its ruling elite, should be peaceful, achieved by standing up to them and revealing its design not just to the rest of the world but to its own people. Such a stand will benefit everyone, except its rulers, and force them to moderate their rigid stances. The jasmine revolution that is sweeping the Middle East should spark a similar movement in China too. Just as the Boston Tea Party served as one of the catalysts for the American independence movement, this could hopefully turn out to a Chinese Tea Party. In modern polity here, the phenomenal rise of the Tea Party movement in the Republican Party should be a precursor to something similar in China. It should consign the old guard and its remnants to “the ash heap of history” as President Reagan presciently stated regarding the Soviet Communist threat in 1982 in an address to British lawmakers.

China is an ancient civilization, almost five thousand years old. It has spawned a glorious culture, renowned in arts and literature. The intellect of its thinkers over millennia, has offered the world much by way of early technologies and inventions. It spawned luminary philosophers like Confucius with his well known principle: “Do Not Do To Others What You Do Not Want Done To Yourself;”, and Mencius (Menghzi) who believed in the innate goodness of the individual. It is fervidly hoped that the people of China forsake the tyranny of their rulers, and follow the teachings of their luminary sages.

When the CCP was formed in July 1921, it cemented its position by deceit and terror through an orgy of brutality and extreme violence, resulting in over 65 million people losing their lives. It followed the Russian revolution but surpassed them in its scale of brutality. The Western invasion of the 1860’s and the subsequent Sino-Japanese war in 1894 resulting in China’s defeat, fostered deep humiliation. Ever since the communists took over, they have played the nationalistic card amongst its people to deflect attention from their own misdeeds. The communists (CCP) distort history to foster extreme nationalism. Following China’s example, the Khmer Rouge (its ally in Cambodia) massacred almost 25% of its population to tighten its grip on its society. There is a saying that ruthless countries and evil people ‘slaughter to conquer’ but the CCP in China ‘conquers to slaughter’.

Today, China’s society has achieved a remarkable turnaround in its economy, having lifted 400 million people out of poverty. Its infrastructural achievements have been breathtaking, but a lot of its has been done at the expense of its own people and other nations too because of its grossly unfair trade and currency policies. Its population is deeply polarized. Close to 700 million people still live in poverty, especially in the countryside and there is a great deal of resentment. It is one thing for people’s rights to be restricted but it is another to witness inequality, corruption and to be apprehensive of the future. Such a monopoly exists with the CCP over societal rights. While one generation was misled, another is being deceived and another will be sacrificed, if need be, as long as they have to maintain their iron grip. The budget of their internal security apparatus is equal to their defense budget, if not more, with billions of dollars available to crack down on dissent.

Even now, various factors are in play inside China. Unrest in the form of tens of thousands of citizens protesting the misdeeds of the bureaucracy, absence of a lawful judiciary, savage repression of dissidents, abysmal human rights violations have occurred. Particular awareness was brought to light through the harsh treatment meted out to activist luminaries like the artist Ai Weiwei (who achieved worldwide celebrity status with his unique design of the birds nest for the Beijing Olympics stadium) being physically harmed with such severe blows to his head that he had to undergo emergency brain surgery in Germany during a visit there shortly after and Wang Jun, the blind self-taught lawyer and Chen Guangcheng who is a prominent rights defender. There was also the imprisonment and torture of human rights advocates Teng, Biao and LI Zhuang. All because they spoke out against the evil regime and espoused human rights and dignity. The farcical trial and imprisonment of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo resulted in the sad spectacle of an empty chair being placed for him at the awards ceremony in Oslo last year. When the citizen of a country is awarded the Nobel Prize in whatsoever field they excelled in, it is national pride as such prestige is bestowed on the nation too. Yet, China is the only nation in the world to term it an outrage as it focuses worldwide attention on the happenings inside the country and highlights the activities of the brave people sacrificing all that they have to uphold their cause.

These actions by this evil government have created an awareness amongst its people which makes the regime nervous. The danger to the world lies when the ruling clique decides to deflect this bubbling internal rage by engaging in external misadventures. When a regime has no qualms in sacrificing the lives of tens of millions of its citizenry, and as recently as 1989 cracked down on the cream of its own youth who were peacefully demonstrating in Tiananmen Square for democracy, it will not hesitate to inflict such destruction on others too. Elder statesmen like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore count on Washington to counter China. So does the revered elder statesman of Japan, Tasuhiro Nakasone who wants to caution his countrymen to beware of China.

We have compartmentalized areas of concern and drawn our material from current and past events to draw readers attention to them. The overriding fear is this: when the regime, which is already an economic super power, becomes a military super power then will the world be rudely awakened to a shock ,unless people everywhere stand up to it. We are reminded of Napoleon’s famous saying centuries ago: that the ‘world will tremble when China awakens’. It is to be hoped that the world will not tremble as such with fear. Its own citizenry, especially the ones exiled are doing a heroic job battling this monstrous regime and they do it with sheer concern for their motherland. The world is anxiously waiting for China to take its rightful place amongst the civilized nations of the world.

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