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Been out of touch for a while but will start blogging and posting on a regular basis upon returning to the U.S. after summer. Nevertheless, find it disturbing with the Communists in China proceeding ahead with their nefarious designs. First of all, they adroitly manipulated President Trump through that peace blinded and surrendering South Korean leader to open negotiations with the rogue dictator of N. Korea through the summit in Singapore. President Trump as many analysts and commentators in the U.S. state was the gullible victim of a masterful con wherein he was the mark. He acceded to a visit with Kim Jung Un and sacrificed whatever Kim Jung Un wanted and got nothing back in return. The annual military exercises which were newly termed as war games and provocative to N. Korea were gladly agreed to by Trump without even the basic courtesy of consulting S. Korea or Japan, leaving them shocked. The U.S. military was also blindsided, by their own commander in chief.

This was made possible because of the suggestion by China to N. Korea and GOD HELP THE U.S. and its allies, especially in the Far East. Japan and Vietnam are the countries that should be cognizant of what is in store for the future.

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